Leak detection system - PAL-AT - 1 sensor line 900m

  • Code: 2107
  • Manufacturer: PermAlert
  • Weight: 7 kg
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In most monitoring situations, just knowing that you have a liquid leak is not good enough. You need to know: Where is it? When did it occur? Where did it start? Is there more than one leak? You need accurate information and you need it now! The sooner you pinpoint the where and what, the sooner you can begin to control and minimize damage to your facility, the environment and to your balance sheet.

With PAL-AT® you can have this type of information instantly. PAL-AT is a patented, sophisticated microprocessor system with multi-sensing and remote monitoring capabilities. Its advanced technology provides dependable around the clock surveillance of all monitored areas. And it's the first system to actually help manage your risks and associated costs. 

Multiple Leak Location

PAL-AT will let you know when a leak occurs, and then automatically go on monitoring the whole sensor string for further leaks while the known leak is being attended to. If the original leak gets worse, or another leak occurs, PAL-AT will sound the alarm again. 


PAL-AT models can monitor up to four separate sensing zones each having up to 2300m of sensor cable. Each sensor cable can be integrated with liquid probes and float switches for the monitoring of single and/or double-wall piping and tanks. The PAL-AT system permits cost effective installation of complex systems, with its ability to integrate different cable types and probes, that can monitor for leaks in multiple piping networks, tanks,subfloors, and other sensitive work areas. Hydrocarbon sensing cables can be direct buried for monitoring pipelines and above ground storage tanks.

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